So you’ve decided the tree species you want to buy from HOLT, and if they’re available, you’re now confronted with the possibility of actually selecting the tree we’ll bring to you utilizing the Buy The Tree You See videos! Where do you begin when looking for a decent tree?

Here are some suggestions for selecting a tree:

  1. Does it have a pleasing form and spread?
  2. Do the branches begin at a suitable height for you?
  3. Does the stem have a straight axis?
  4. Is the crown evenly distributed and balanced?
  5. Do you “like” the tree fundamentally?

We chose the Buy The Tree You See trees with as much precision as you can get with a living product, so they will all be “good” specimens for their variety in terms of shape and quality, so don’t worry about the technicalities when selecting your tree from the videos. Simply choose your favorite and you will not be disappointed when you eventually meet the tree in person!